Inspired by our mint infused mojito earlier in the month, the Tonica team created another classically refreshing spring beverage.

Unlike our Green Tea Mojito recipe, the flavors in today’s cocktail are more on the tart side of the taste spectrum. The addition of mint to this mixture accentuates the ginger and lemon flavors without overpowering any of that Tonica goodness.


1-2 ounces of vodka

Your favorite Tonica Kombucha (We used Ginger)

Fresh mint

Shaved ginger

Squeeze of lemon juice

Handful of ice


Add ice to a chilled glass. Add vodka & top with your favorite Tonica beverage. Today, we’re using Ginger Tonica Komucha. Grab mint & clap it between your hands to bring out the flavor. Use this mint as a garnish and mix it into the cocktail. Top a squeeze of lemon juice. Lightly stir and enjoy.