Tonica has received the results of a study by the BC Center for Disease Control on alcohol levels in Kombucha products, and we passed with flying colors. The purpose of the study was to assess the risk of alcohol concentrations over 1% by volume to create awareness to allow informed choice. Read the full results from the BC CDC.

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What you need to know about the alcohol content in kombucha Kombucha is a great, healthy alternative to sugary pop, right? Since the majority of kombuchas are lower in sugar than commercial soft drinks and, in addition, are made from natural ingredients and contain good bacteria that might improve our gut biome, switching from Coke to kombucha is almost certainly a good trade for healthy adults. Read the full article

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That gut feeling Kombucha, a fermented tea made with probiotics, has been consumed for centuries as a digestive aid and health restorative. It’s been on the market in the natural health channel for almost a decade, and as it finds a space in mainstream grocery, brands are battling it out for attention. Read the article in the November issue of Canadian Grocer here

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Sulker’s Cider be serving up cider blended with Toronto’s Tonica Kombucha at Tequila Bookworm on Queen Street West. Want to find out more about Sulker’s Cider ultimate trendy patio drink? Check out the BlogTO article!

For years, kombucha has been a well-kept secret for its digestive and metabolic benefits. Now, this “living” beverage (also known as a supertea) has really caught on, and you can thank Zoey Shamai for that. Shamai is one of the first female Kombucha brewers in Canada, and the first brewer in Toronto. She is the creator of Tonica Kombucha. We chatted her up this week. SDTC: Before you decided to

A few years ago I tried Tonica at the Toronto Veg Food Fest and I think it totally beats any soda or iced tea! It’s raw, organic and authentically Canadian. I’ve been a fan since so of course, I had to find out who was behind this refreshing fizzy bevy. Meet Zoey Shamai, the #GirlBoss and Founder of Tonica Kombucha.

The Toronto Star featured our hangover helping Kombucha in a fab cocktail. Just in time for the weekend!

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The sweet, non-alcoholic drink made from strong brewed tea is in line with the Queen St. West eatery's holistic approach to food.

Holistic Nutritionist and Author Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health shares factors that may be sabotaging our immune system plus key nutrients for a healthy immunity.

“People are tired of feeling tired,” Shamai says. “They want to be healthy and energized and they are looking for products like mine.”

Check out these 20 ways to do more with your kombucha, from flavour infusions to who other foods and drinks. Or take your own idea and run with it. As Shamai advised, it never hurts to experiment.

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As health-conscious consumers seek alternatives to high-sugar mixers, expect to see more of this marvellous tea on cocktail lists. It's nutritious, delicious and fermented - so hot right now.

A fizzy, fermented health drink hits a supply chain snag as sales heat up – See more at the star business club

Zoey Shamai is a fervent Dragon’s Den supported entrepreneur from Toronto who’s enraptured by the healthy life. Fusing her love for fresh, healthy eating into the production of her unique line of Tonica Kombucha, this traveling yogi has truly found her calling…

I knew I had to meet Zoey to find out more about this crazy venture and how she ended up on Dragon's Den with her fizzy health drink. Meet Zoey, our latest Hip + Urban Girl of the Week!

As mother and daughter, Ruth and Zoey have a very strong bond. They still have plenty of family dinners where, try as they may to keep it social, they inevitably end up discussing business.

Tonica Kombucha Started out of an apartment kitchen back in 2008, Toronto-based beverage company Tonica has humble roots, to be sure — but you wouldn't know that based on the size of the operation today

Like others who swear by the health benefits of kombucha, she felt energized after drinking it, and found it aided digestion. The challenge was making it palatable and accessible to a broader market.

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