Our Story

The Tonica Kombucha Story began in 2008 when Zoey Shamai, a traveling yogini, returned home from a yoga ashram with a new treasure, kombucha tea.

While teaching yoga abroad Zoey came across the fermented kombucha tea and was amazed by the incredible digestive aid and metabolism boost she experienced in the first 24 hours after drinking it.

Not wanting to head home without it, Zoey tucked the precious kombucha culture into a jar and tiptoed it all the way back to Toronto, where she continued to brew and sip on her treasured tonic. She began to share her then named “fairy’s tonic” kombucha with friends and yoga students and soon the word spread about her delicious sparkling beverage which was filled with natural probiotics & healthy enzymes.

“Having grown up in a health food family, my mum is the creator of the Ruth’s Foods and Chia Goodness, I was no stranger to health foods, but had NEVER had such an immediate energy boost or digestive result from drinking any other health beverage.”

In 2011, Zoey branded her kombucha as “Tonica”, a modern twist on an ancient tonic and took it across Canada (making it a national treasure eh!).

Since then Tonica has continued to grow as a company and although it remains a small operation today, Zoey is happy to have built a business along with her incredible team, “We are a happy little crew and we base our organization on the foundation of enjoying our work and bringing forth a wonderful product to market”.

Inspired by the wisdom that proper nutrition can be delicious, Tonica Kombucha is a natural outflow of a wish to create the most yummeh and authentic version of this potent brew so that everyone may enjoy the benefit of great digestion.

At Tonica we truly believe that adventure is what makes life expansive & deep, and the brighter the body, mind & spirit, the brighter the adventure of life. Cheers!