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Original Tonica

Original Tonica

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Our Original Tonica, aka the OG, is exactly what it sounds like.

Strong, potent and pure this is the original recipe which has been passed down since 221 BC and made its way through China, Europe and at last Canada.  It is also the very first recipe our founder started brewing back in 2005.

Lightly carbonated, our raw enzyme-rich kombucha is made up of the anti-oxidant rich powerhouse of our organic Los Andes grown black tea.  Our Original Tonica has a lengthier fermentation process than the other Tonica flavours, and is bottled as is without any additional herbs or fruits, lending it a slightly more potent flavour.

Black tea leaves are fully oxidized, producing the powerful anti-oxidants theaflavins, polyphenols & catechins.  These anti-oxidants have been shown to boost metabolism, increase bold pressure and reduce free radicals.  Black tea also contais L-theanine which is said to help relax the mind and increase concentration.

This strong and rich Original Tonica blend is packed with living digestive enzymes as well as several strains of good bacteria and healthy yeasts.


Kombucha (yeast and bacteria cultures), Organic evaporated cane juice, Fermented organic black tea & organic rooibos tea, Carbon dioxide


Calories (60), Fat (0 g), Sodium (0 g), Carbohydrate (12 g), Sugars (12 g), Protein (1 g)

355 ml bottles sold in case of 12 - 40% off while supplies last!
1 liter bottles sold in case of 6