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St. Patrick's Day Thyme Mojito

The recipe is an oldie but one of our go to's for St. Patties Day!

All you need to make it is our Tonica Ginger kombucha (Now called Crisp Ginger!), organic lime juice, fresh mint & thyme, ice and the white rum of your choice!

Don't forget the green food colouring to get the full St. Patties day vibe!👌🏻

No additional sugar is needed!


  • 1/2-1/4 cup of our Crisp Ginger Kombucha
  • The juice of 1 lime
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh thyme
  • 1 ounce of white rum
  • Ice

How to Mix It:

  1. Muddle your mint leaves and spring of thyme in the bottom of your glass! #TonicaTip: If you don’t have a muddler the end of a wooden spoon works great!
  2. Add desired amount of ice cubes.
  3. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime into your glass. (Or add to your desired sourness)
  4. Add in 1 oz of the white rum of your choice.
  5. Top it off with our Crisp Ginger kombucha.
  6. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf or a sprig of thyme!
  7. Cheers!