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Kombucha tea dates back to 221 BC and is said to have been given the name "The Tea of Immortality". Revered for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, generations have passed down their precious kombucha cultures to their families for daily healing and restorative health benefits.

Most notably, raw kombucha has been praised for its ability to aid digestion, cleanse the liver and rejuvenate skin and hair cells.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been brewed for centuries in Asia, Eastern Europe and now in North America. For centuries households made and drank kombucha, which was recognized as a daily health tonic. Revered for multiple reasons, the emperor of the Tsin Dynasty of 221 bc was said to have named kombucha the ‘Elixer of Life' while Eastern Europeans praised its effects on their skin and youthful appearance.

Still other research shows that communities near Chernoble were not affected by cancer while so many others were; the only commonality between these villagers was that they all brewed kombucha or ‘Tea Kvass”.

Tonica Kombucha in the Modern World

Today, we brew Tonica kombucha with the traditional recipe, fermenting in small, lightly carbonated batches infused with the powerful anti-oxidants and minerals of our tea, fruit and herb based beverage.

Kombucha is made by fermenting the kombucha culture aka SCOBY (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria) in a sweet, caffeinated tea. The SCOBY metabolizes both the caffeine and sugar in the tea, and after fermenting for up to 30 - 60 days produces an array of healthful acids and living enzymes in the tea.

This is a living and sometimes effervescent tea filled with good bacteria, digestive enzymes and liver cleansing acids.

Brewed in small artisanal batches, Tonica's authentic recipe ensures the quality of kombucha in every bottle is extremely pure.

We don’t take short cuts with fermentation. We ferment in 2.5 Gallon jars for 60 days to ensure our kombucha is fully fermented and full of active, strong healthy bacteria and enzymes and beneficial acids.

This means that every bottle of Tonica will vary slightly in flavour and bubble and come to you in its all-natural organic state, filled with all the benefits associated with a true raw kombucha. Tonica is a true Tonic.

For more details on the actual fermentation process, or if you're at all inclined to try your own kombucha brew at home, check out our DIY Kombucha Kit page.


Although the research on this ancient tonic is still being compiled, countless texts, health protocols and age old remedies promote the use of kombucha on an ongoing basis.

Most common benefits attributed to regular consumption of kombucha

  • Digestive aid from the living probiotics
  • Liver cleansing from the gluconic acid, resulting in healthier skin & hair.
  • Increase of metabolism & resulting decrease of body fat from the healthy bacteria
  • Increase of energy from the oxygen rich brew
  • Improved PH balance and resulting mental clarity from the alkaline nature of kombucha


Because Kombucha is an adaptogen and can restore balance in compromised bodies, it is best to indulge in moderation. Introducing 175ml per serving, at least 2 times a day for the first week of consumption will ensure a balanced integration of all the living enzymes and beneficial acids.

Wonderful as a digestive with any meal, enjoy 20 minutes prior to or after eating for optimal digestive aid. To boost energy levels throughout the day, enjoy on an empty stomach, and follow with equal amounts of water. Be sure not to drink too close to sleep time as it can be quite stimulating.


True, authentic raw kombucha is extremely beneficial to the digestive system due to the living active ingredients created during the fermentation and it must be refrigerated. This is because if an active living kombucha were stored in a sealed contained on a shelf for any length of time the bottle or can would explode from the pressure caused by the living fermentation gases. 

Any can or bottle of kombucha that does not say “must be refrigerated” on the label is not going to contain the benefits of raw, authentically fermented kombucha.

As the kombucha industry has grown, there are many different kombucha brands on the market, some owned by large soda companies and PE firms who employ very different methods when making what they call “raw kombucha”.  

While some use cold flash pasteurization to enable a longer shelf life and stay out of the fridge, these methods wipe out all the living activity in raw kombucha.  

Others add synthetic probiotics which do not live long enough once injected into the pasteurized kombucha base to reach customers. Although the minuscule amounts of bacteria are injected and then listed on the kombucha label, the strains won’t get to or benefit the final consumer. 

The strains are often so small that they don’t appear in regular raw kombucha testing, which can be confusing as customers would assume they would get more benefit from the label listing them. However this is not the case and is extremely misleading.    

Unfortunately there is not yet a Kombucha industry regulatory body to monitor claims and marketing on packaging, so buyers must be aware. It is our wish that anyone purchasing a raw kombucha gets what they expect, a beverage filled with the living enzymes and bacteria that have made Kombucha a health tonic for centuries.  

When in doubt, go for a kombucha that says “must be refrigerated” on the label and that doesn’t list a long line of bacterial strains. When kombucha is fermented naturally, you will feel the benefit in your digestion.  

For more details on the actual fermentation process, or if you're at all inclined to try your own kombucha brew at home, check out our DIY Kombucha Kit page.


Although many women find Kombucha to be balancing for the hormonal system, it contains a high amount of lactic acid, and therefore pregnant women should consult their physician before consuming.