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Tonica DIY Kombucha Kit

Now you can brew your own kombucha tea!

For centuries, many cultures have passed down precious kombucha SCOBYs to their families to brew their own daily digestive tonic at home.

The wonderful thing about brewing kombucha is that each time you brew a batch you are left with an extra SCOBY so you can brew even more on your next round!

Brewing kombucha is fun and simple and most importantly incredible for your health!

Tonica’s DIY Kombucha Kit is only available through our online shop in the GTA and includes our Live kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) + our treasured brewing recipe. We use our living cultures without dehydrating them as they are more reliable than dehydrated dormant SCOBYs.

To prepare your home for your DIY kombucha, you will need to invest in a 1 Gallon jar (can be bigger as long as it holds 1 gallon or 3.4 litres) + 1 cup of organic sugar + 10 grams of loose leaf organic black tea or 5 tea bags.

Why does our DIY Kit rock?

Tonica is the best DIY Kombucha Kit because of our Live SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

Fresh, live SCOBYs will always be more reliable than dehydrated dormant SCOBYs.


Watch these videos to learn the tips and tricks of Kombucha tea making from Tonica's own Zoey Shamai.


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