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Tonica Kombucha & Campari

We never get tired of a Grapefruit cocktail - especially ones that boost liver & digestion, and one of our favourite recipes combining bitter campari & our sweeter raw Tonica Kombucha, which is mellowed out with a splash of club soda.


How to make the recipe:

✨ 4 oz Campari

✨ 4 oz Grapefruit Fizz or Goji Grapefruit Tonica Kombucha

✨ 6 oz soda water 6-8 oz depending on taste.

✨ 2 orange slices

Mix it up:

✨ Fill two rocks glass halfway up with ice. Pour 2 oz of Campari in each.

✨ Divide the kombucha between glassed and top them up with soda water.

✨ Garnish with an orange slice and serve at once


Cheers to a low sugar spritz that's refreshing, and a delicious easy sipper to enjoy this Fall!