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Tonica Kombucha Grapefruit Fizz Watermelon

You've probably heard of or even tried a πŸ‰ vodka watermelon, but we're mixing it up and making this the ultimate mocktail with our Grapefruit Fizz kombucha.

This is a tasty refreshing snack that's insanely hydrating in this heatwave, easy to make, and most of all - fun!

πŸ’– Learn how to make it:
- Grab a watermelon from your local grocery store or market, the mini ones work for a personal watermelon drink!
- Shave the end of the watermelon, so it can stand.
- Cut off the top and and make some melon balls - we don't approve of any food waste here at Tonica!
- Gut and save the rest of the pulp
- Add our Grapefruit Fizz kombucha and the juice from a fresh squeezed orange
- Optional: Mix in vodka or rosΓ© πŸ₯°