DIY Kit 1 - Copy

Brew your own continuous supply of kombucha tea.

Brewing kombucha is fun & simple.  Make your brew as strong as you like in big batches on your kitchen counter!

Here’s why our DIY Kit rocks!

Tonica is the best DIY Kombucha Kit because of our Live SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Fresh, live SCOBYs will always be more reliable than dehydrated dormant SCOBYs.   Video tutorial 1:12 min – Dec 19, 2016

Tonica tips for DIY Kombucha Kit

Video Tutorial 1:19 – Dec 19, 2016

Bubble Tea, Tonica DIY Kombucha Kit

Video Tutorial – Dec 14, 2016

Tonica Kombucha DIY Kit Instructions

Video Tutorial 5:37 – Dec 12, 2016
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